Wednesday, September 26, 2012

the essential baby pictures

I feel like every baby needs a picture playing with toilet paper. I heard Cole in our bathroom being way too quiet and this is what i found...

He was so proud that I just let him play with it for another couple minutes and ran to get the camera.

Monday, September 24, 2012

story time

So today we ventured out into the uncharted territory of baby story time at the Cameron Village library. We were running late (of course) and we arrived at story time in the middle of a song complete with hand motions and throwing your baby in the air. I think Cole and I were equally in shock at how much those parents love story time. I have to say, we got kind of into it by the end. Cole was smiling and grabbing other babies pacifiers out of their mouth...he made one little girl cry. Needless to say, Cole loved story time and we will definitely go back. There were about 20 babies present and a lot of babies with their daddies, which I don't know why I was surprised, I just was. Cole gravitated to a 5 month old red headed baby instantly and she thought it was pretty funny as well. We hung out after story time ended to "read" books/jump all over other babies and ask every mommy how old their baby was. Cole took the cake for being one of the biggest babies there for his age and when I told other parents how old Cole was, they were like "Oh, my...what a big guy."

Sunday, September 23, 2012

the attention seeker

We are sometimes terrible parents. We tend to be really busy with Dale going to school and me working nights so our lives are a little crazy. We don't mean to, but we do not take Cole out in public very often besides the weekly trip to the grocery and Target. I noticed this week when we were at Trader Joe's that Cole is really all about people looking at him. He wants all eyes on him all the time. I had Cole in the shopping cart and he started screaming and talking when he saw someone he liked until they looked at him. I felt like I should try and distract him or just tell the person that he was screaming at "Sorry about that, can't you tell he is so deprived." Honestly, I think his willingness to be the center of attention is absolutely hilarious and a little awkward for me when we are shopping. He does get all the little old ladies to swoon over him, especially when we go to a craft store.
We haven't really been up to anything else new. We happened upon a biker festival (bikes as in motorcycles, not bicycles like I thought). We were meeting some friends for dinner downtown and we felt awful for bringing our 9 month baby to a bikefest. Cole absolutely loved it! He had so much fun looking at all the people and he didn't even mind the noise. We went to an Irish pub and luckily for us there was a folk band which just so happens to be Cole's favorite kind of band. Cole's Uncle Jonathan (UJ) played the banjo for him over the summer and he was mesmerized. We were sitting right by the stage and we turned Cole's highchair around to see the band better and he was in love. He was banging his hands on the table and jumping up and down in the highchair. We have a music lover and attention seeker on our hands...good thing he has a couple musical relatives. Cole also got a little feisty at the pub. A nice woman with an irish accent that was helping the band was leaning over close to Cole and helping the band set up their equipment. Cole reached out and gave the lady's booty a little rub...we are so proud. Dale, being the great Daddy that he is, took all the blame for Cole's promiscuity. The lady just laughed it off and Cole's mishap provided endless jokes at his dispense.

Monday, September 10, 2012

we will give it a whirl..

Who doesn't blog? I am pretty terrible at doing anything regularly but we will try, for the sake of the grandparents, to post lots of fun things going on in Raleigh. We laugh at ourselves and Cole everyday and we will try and remember some funny things to add to the blog world.

The name of the blog comes from Cole's absolute favorite song. My mom learned this song called "Happy Llama" at Vacation Bible School and it is the silliest most addicting song. Cole can be screaming and once you start singing the Llama song he is instantly a different child. It is MAGICAL.

Straight from the original Llama singer's mouth...sorry mom but you sing it best.