Sunday, May 5, 2013

time out

Dale loving refers to time out as "T.O." and we are all very familiar with the time out chair at our house. We started putting Cole in timeout when he was around a year old because he had a little bit of a hitting problem. Well, turns out now at almost 17 months old, our child likes timeout and has become accustomed to sitting in his time out chair in the hallway for 10 seconds at least two times a day. What do you do as a parent when your child likes timeout? We have absolutely no clue.
This is how it goes down: Cole hits us or swats his hand near our faces and then takes our hand and leads us to his time out chair. We hold his hands down, count to 10 and then make him hug us before leaving his T.O. chair. However, lately he has been trying to hit us again so he can sit in time out for round two or even round three. He will also fake swat at us and then want to go and sit in time out and I have to tell him that he was not being naughty and he does not have to sit in time out. Frankly, it is a little complicated. Dale and I never thought we wound have a child that wants to sit in time out but I guess we shouldn't complain and we should just roll with it. Also, it is kind of the cutest thing ever and at least we know Cole listens to us...sometimes.

Playing in time out

 Putting his animals in time out