Thursday, February 7, 2013

destruction monster

Our little monster loves him some destruction. He can hear you stacking blocks from another room and he will hunt you down until no block is left standing.  Dale always builds the best towers for Cole. I have zero patience to build a tower and give it a nice pattern but Dale, he is the best. Here is a little glimpse in to Cole's favorite activity ever. He is all boy through and through...poor Mommy.

Hark, is that block stacking I hear?

 Oh, it sure is. Score!

Note to self: learn how to run

Got distracted

Oh, hey there other less important toys. I'll get to you later

Oh, Mama. Hi!

 Dad, you rock. You are so skilled in tower building. Permission to knock it over?

Nice craftsmanship, good arches. I approve. 

                                          And the hand goes out, and the crowd goes wild...

                                                 I missed but this is still the best day ever!

                                   I have to look at just one more time before sweet victory is all mine

       Oh, look...a surprise hidden archway. Nice touch, Dad. 

   The calm before the storm

 Sweet Victory!

Helping to clean up. What a sweet boy.