Thursday, March 14, 2013

burlap style

I'm all about some crafting. I feel like I never have time between working 3 nights a week, chasing a very active 15 month old energizer bunny around, and having a well needed date night with my main man occasionally. I would not call myself an overly crafty person. I like to try new things and I am terrible at following really in depth directions. My good friends know that I have a very short attention span. I get distracted really easily if I don't understand something and I am really distracted when following directions. I like to skip to the end and just find a shortcut if at all possible. I am more of a watcher, adapter, and then a doer than a direction reader. The same goes with crafting and really complicated German board games. I like to sit down and make things my own when I find time which is a blessing and a curse because sometimes crafts turn out well and sometimes not so much. Oh well, the journey is always fun and my sweet husband always tells me the end result is "really nice", even if it isn't...swoon.

Anyway, I got 3 awesome coffee burlap bags when we went to the mountains with some friends in January for $2 a piece at a fabric store. I felt like I was practically stealing these awesome crafting supplies. I knew that I wanted to make pillows for Cole's playroom but I wanted them to be fun and colorful. I am not that great at sewing and I wanted to put a little spin on burlap pillows so I used yarn to stitch the pillows together. I had some old Ikea pillows that measured 18x18 that I just wrapped a piece of burlap that was 20x40 around and then stitched the edges. The project was fairly simple. I had to be careful that the yarn did not rip the edge of the burlap because it was delicate. I put the pillow inside the burlap while I pulled the edges close together and slowly stitched up all 4 sides. Each pillow from cutting the burlap to the final stitch took me about 2 hours. It was really fun and I still have 1 more burlap bag to use that may turn in to a dog bed for Rio, lucky girl.

The 2 matching pillows were on the front of the burlap bag and the "Cafes Do Brasil" was on the back of one of the bags. I still have one more "Cafes Do Brasil" pillow to make. 

Getting the full effect in the playroom. It looks clean but there are toys and ballpit balls everywhere beyond this picture.

I didn't try and match the yarn with the pillow. I thought it was more playful to just have lots of fun colors. 

The back of the "Cafes Do Brasil" pillow. I should have ironed them (if you can iron burlap). The stitching across the back is part of the original burlap bag which I thought was so neat. 

Little embellishment in the corner of the pillow that I thought added a little flare and it was too surprising to cut of when making the pillow. 

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