Thursday, October 4, 2012

end of summer

We only made it to Hyco lake with Grey and Heather twice this past summer which is absolutely crazy. I guess we are grown ups now with a baby and real jobs and dogs to take care of. We had so much fun hanging out in Roxboro with our friends and we did all the usual activities: playing settlers, making fettucini hamfredo, trying to get Rio and Rylie to play with each other and go to Pizza Inn! It felt like we basically ate all weekend and it was wonderful.
What is fettucini hamfredo you ask? We were in the mountains last winter when we went out to eat and someone had country ham and someone had fettucini alfredo. Dale, or maybe Grey, had the idea to combine the two and fettucini hamfredo was born. It is the most delicious dish but I'm sure it is the worst thing you could ever eat.
Cole rode on the boat while his Uncle Grey skied and he thought it was amazing. Heather and I held Cole VERY tightly because I was paranoid he would fly out of the boat which is not even possible. I'm crazy, I know. Cole was sitting in the back and clapping his hands on the seat and just loving all the wind that was smacking him in the face. We have an adventure seeker for sure. Rio enjoyed the weekend away as well and is a little less depressed now about having a brother...for now. 
Oh, Cole got pushed around in a basket too! We neglected to take any pictures of all the awesome things we did. We will try and do better next time. 

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