Monday, October 15, 2012

boy power

This past weekend we had some of our friends from Charlotte come in town to visit us and let us live and breathe and reminisce about our old neighborhood, where our friends still live, for 24 hours. We had to catch up on all the neighborhood hooligans that we have names for; shirtless, baby, frizz head, malcom, right here.  Our friends have a little boy that is 6 weeks older than Cole and they have been friends since before they were born. My friend and I used to let the boys "talk" to each other when we were still pregnant and we really hyped up their friendship before they actually met. Luckily, Cole and Charlie are very much alike. They share a love for food, toys with wheels, sleep sheep and saying uh-oh.
We took the boys to the fair on Saturday and it was insane. It is pretty difficult to navigate the fair with 2 strollers and 2 babies when the crowd was shoulder to shoulder. We, as in the 4 adults, ate fried oreos, twinkies, reese cups and koolaid. The reese cup was definitely the winner without a doubt and we were all in fair fried food heaven. We got a babysitter Saturday night and headed out to a part of Durham called Brightleaf which I am definitely obsessed with. I love that part of Durham because it is hipster and it reminds me of our old neighborhood. We went to a brewery called Fullsteam and played darts and generally just enjoyed getting away from our munchkins for a bit even though we talked about them 65% of the time. 
We also had a very special visitor over the weekend: Bella the basset hound. She was so easy to take care of and it made us consider trading in our crazy dog, Rio for a dog that just lays on the couch all day. Cole loved having Bella over because he can pull on her ears relentlessly and she does nothing.
I couldn't help but have a little mini photo session with Coleman in his red corduroy pants. I am such a sucker for red pants and Cole was rocking them until my camera battery died after 5 pictures. Total Mommy fail. 

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  1. Yay for Bella! We wish she was just a little bit more playful though. Love the red pants!