Wednesday, July 10, 2013

cute little hot mess

We headed back to Charlotte about a month ago to meet with our favorite photographer, Laura Stout. She is so great with Cole and really takes the time to make him comfortable without being pushy. Well, with that said, our little guy was not having it and had no interest at all in showing Laura his good side. We met at Midtown Greenway in Charlotte and we thought Cole would love the fountains along the greenway. We were absolutely wrong and our thoughts and grand planning back fired terribly. Cole loved the fountains so much that he screamed every time we tried to take him away from the water to take some pictures. Hot Mess. Somehow we actually got some cute pictures. I think I even like the pictures of Cole screaming because he definitely is not always happy and I want to show his girlfriend in about 30 years that he was, and probably still will be in 30 years, stubborn. 

I'm pretty much in love with the last picture of our family. I know that Cole was most likely screaming in this picture even though you can't tell. It just looks so peaceful and calm against our usually crazy and strictly scheduled life. I love it. 

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